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About Edward Price Company

Edward Price Company has provided insurance brokerage, benefits consulting and administration services since 1953.  Starting in 1984, the increasing administrative demands caused by the explosion of managed care, the increasing importance of defined contribution plans, and the growing complexity of the regulatory environment led to our development of a propietary, PC based, system for benefit adminstration.  In 1996, Edward Price Company concentrated all new business development on a complementary family of products and services which builds upon this software and experience.  It has grown to include the following products and services:

MultiEmployer Websites

Multiemployer.com™ offers turn-key website design for multiemployer benefit funds such as defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, and health and welfare plans.  The lead design team contains a consulting actuary, a benefits administrator/consultant, and a web/database designer.  Multiemployer.com is the one-stop shop for a trust fund website that can be operational within short months while at the same time comprising a strong foundation for the trust fund's long range strategy to exploit the benefits of the Internet.  Multiemployer.com offers secure website hosting, in-house web design, plan interprettation by experienced consultants, and a proprietary multiemployer trust database engine.  Our websites are designed specifically for the multiemployer trust.  This reduces the cost and time to implementation for the Trust.  Our specialization also insures that the effort required by the trust fund's staff and professional advisors on such a major product can, if desired, be held to a minimum.

Traditional Financial Products

ePriceFinancial.com™ will offer traditional products related to the financial planning and benefits needs of individuals, often through their union, trust, or employer affiliation.  Products include life, health and disability, and long-term care insurance.  Services include consulting and financial planning.  Value is added by offering web-based enhancements such as general benefits information and interactive online planning tools.

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